6″ x 6″ Monoprint ~ $65

This abstract original acrylic painting can be

oriented in any of four directions,

depending on the viewer’s/owner’s


A monoprint is a painting made with

a printing plate,

but unlike the common usage of “print”

this is a one time original piece.

Hence MONO print.

It is produced with a printing method,

but cannot be replicated

(unless the owner wishes to make

a copy of the painting.

If interested please contact me at

To see more of my artwork please visit


About amywhitehousepaintings

Working Artist and Painting Instructor

2 responses to “Joy

  1. This one really hits the mark with me Amy; and I would love to see more of your abstract work. I sometimes hang my abstract paintings in ways other than the artist intends; it seems to me that if there is a beauty present in the harmony and balance then it does not get lost in rotation.

    Many congratulations on this work Amy.


  2. Thank you, Hariod, for your encouraging comment. I agree with your statement about beauty present in the harmony and balance ~ so glad you hang in the way that means the most to you. Very warmly, Amy

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