Sea Oats 2

6″ x 6″ Oil

This scene could be anywhere

(well, maybe not Arizona)

and evokes summer vacation.


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Early Morning Hike

6″x6″ Oil, $150

Hiking early Sunday the air was nearly cool and the mist

was mesmerizing over the mountains.

I wanted to capture the flavor of the hike,

the beauty of nature in

the Valley of the Sun.

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8″ x 10″ Oil

Peonies are available for about two weeks

here in the Valley of the Sun.

I buy them up to enjoy and to paint,

and – whoosh! – they’re gone.

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Peonies in Mason Jar

10″ x 10″ Oil

My daughter brought me peonies –
my favorite flower –

and I delighted in painting them.

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May Flowers

9″x12″ Oil
Taking a break from very realistic,
I filled the canvas with colors
then made my image primarily by painting
the negative spaces.
I want to do another.
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Sea Oats at Sunset

6″ x 6″ Oil

I’m loving painting on these 6″ x 6″ Ampersand panels.

Every day I’m excited to try a new scene on these

small, slippery canvas boards. I get new finishes and

am challenged to produce different textures.

In this one I wanted the sky to have soft edges

and the sea oats in the foreground to stand out with harder edges.

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St. Bueno’s Church

11″ x 14″ Oil

St. Bueno’s Church in Wales

is the oldest Anglican church in England.

I haven’t been to Wales yet,

but it’s on my list.

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Beach Dreams 16

6″ x 6″ Oil

Looking back over my photographs taken from

last beach trip,

the dazzling white sand and blue shadows caught my eye.

And I just had to paint it.

Starting to pack for my next beach trip.

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Cute Doggie

8″ x 10″ Oil, Not For Sale

I love doing pet commissions!

This one I had to re-do completely,

which was momentarily frustrating,

but am so happy with the final result.

This painting was commissioned by someone

who is surprising her friend

with this portrait as a gift.
Please consider having me paint your pet

or a loved one’s pet.

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Mother’s Day ’18

12″ x 16″ Oil

I worked and reworked this painting over the course of about

three weeks.

I’m happy with the end result.

Flowers are food to the soul.

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