Oil, 18″ x 24″

This angel painting was inspired by this past

Holy Week.

I wanted to create something beautiful,

something different,

something meaningful.

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Red and Green

24″ x 30″ x 1.5″ Oil

This larger-than-life painting of a red rose

is ready to hang. The 1.5″ sides are painted

the same green as the background.

A focal point for any room.

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Abstract 20

Oil, 18″x24″

Having just finished up a Spring sales blitz

(see facebook Amy H Whitehouse),

I’m now turning my attention to

displaying some abstract work.

This is one of my new pieces.

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Oil, 16″ x 20″

Sedona is magical day or night. I wanted to capture

that joyful and surprising quality

with this painting of Sedona at night.

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Oil, 16″x20″

I’m loving abstracting subjects and experimenting

with the tension I can achieve

between representational and abstraction.

I’m pleased with this experiment.

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Flower Explosion

Oil, 24″x30″

This painting explodes with color and movement.

I had a blast creating it.

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Winter Trees

12″ x 16″ Oil

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Difficult Path

12″ x 16″ Mixed Media

In a metaphor for life, this painting took lots of months,

lots of turns, and many layers of experience, i.e., painting.

Paper, acrylic paints, oil paints, and repeat, were the “methods”

of creating this image.

I hope it speaks to someone.

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New Horizons

20″ x 24″ Oil

I’m enjoying new explorations with my artwork in this new year.

Loving this soft palette, and experimenting with abstraction,

I seem to be embracing serenity on some days of painting.

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Mountain View

12″ x 12″ Oil

A contemporary landscape with strong linear elements and pastel embellishments,

this small work has a big message:

Don’t be afraid of the mountaintop.

In fact, climb the mountain and revel in the view.

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