New Horizons

20″ x 24″ Oil

I’m enjoying new explorations with my artwork in this new year.

Loving this soft palette, and experimenting with abstraction,

I seem to be embracing serenity on some days of painting.

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20″ x 24″ Oil

A cheerful image to represent the promise

of the coming spring,

the promise of new life,

this one was a joy to create.

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Mountain View

12″ x 12″ Oil

A contemporary landscape with strong linear elements and pastel embellishments,

this small work has a big message:

Don’t be afraid of the mountaintop.

In fact, climb the mountain and revel in the view.

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Oil, 6″ x 6″

My very favorite part of spending a painting month

at the beach in September,

was when the atmosphere was still.

The ocean tide continued, of course,

but it was quiet on the beach,

and oh-so-peaceful.

It filled my soul.

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Oil, 9″x 12″

I painted this ethereal abstract landscape

with traditional oil paints as well as

with pure pigment sticks.

Layers upon layers were applied

until I felt it was finished.

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Beach Day 7

Oil, 18″ x 36″

A serene view of land, sea, and sky,

this oil painting provides a vista of calm.

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Perfect Day

8″ x 8″ Oil

A seascape inspired by my time in Fernandina Beach, FL,

this looks like a perfect day at the beach.

The huge clouds are moving shadows across

the wide expanse of sand.

The beautiful waves rhythmically soothe

the beachcomber.

The colors of the water, clouds, foam, and sand

complement each other and bring the viewer oceanside.

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Perfect Beach Day

Watercolor, approximately 6″x12″

While at the beach last month I did a few watercolor paintings,

enjoying my other medium.

I like this one because of the texture of sand, gentle surf, and peek of a sun in the clouds.

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6″x6″ Oil

A peaceful beach scene.

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Sand in my Toes 2

11″ x 14″ Oil on Canvas

This beach scene is painted with exuberant color and dynamic brushstrokes

to express the rich flavor of a Florida beach.

The distant blue of the ocean, the nearer shallow water aquamarine,

the grasses swaying in the breeze:

all translates to joy and life.

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