Clouds and Shimmer

Oil, 6″x6″

As my painting retreat at the beach comes to a close,

I’m finishing up some final paintings.

The bright reflections juxtaposed with dark beaches –

a result of cloudy skies –

are endlessly appealing.

I delight in gazing at the beauty of nature

as well as in attempting to express it on canvas.

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6″x8″ Oil

A quiet  beach, a slow walk


Just being

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Sand Dunes 2

6″x8″ Oil

In order to get from the rental beach house to the beach each day,

I must navigate a couple of mildly steep sand dunes.

As I plod up and down the soft loose ground,

keeping an eye out for Florida critters,

I marvel at the beautiful lit colors the sun gives

to simple sand.

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Low Tide

6″x6″ Oil

Having just enjoyed  a long walk on the beach,

I came back to the house to paint.

I wanted to capture the luminescent reflection

of the sky on the incoming water.

Also the reflection on the sand and many blues of the sky.

I wanted my painting to shimmer.

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5.9″ x 11.8″ Watercolor

The pristine beach in northeast Florida

with its beautiful reflections

is Paradise to me.

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Sand Dunes

4″ x 6″ Oil, on W/C Paper

A contemporary miniature oil painting

of sand dunes and sunlight,

this original oil painting

exudes brightness and hope.

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Sea Bird

Oil, 6″ x 6″

Watching sea birds search for meals

is endlessly calming,

as is the sound of the waves coming and going.

I love being at the beach for many reasons,

but watching and listening to nature may be tops.

A great way to start a child’s own original art collection.

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Morning Stroll

6″x 6″ Oil

One must walk through some rocky areas

in order to reach the water’s edge

and enjoy the sunrise.

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Fernandina Beach

Beach and ocean paintings depicting

the ever changing clouds, waves, and even

patterns on the sand,

fascinate me endlessly.

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Florida-Georgia Line

Oil, 6″x8″

This realistic seascape oil painting depicts a view of

Cumberland Island, GA,

from the vantage point of the northernmost part of

Fernandina Beach, FL.


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